Abattoir Services

If you would like to use our abattoir service for processing your livestock, please contact Steven Mettrick on 01457-852545 Monday -Friday at our abattoir.

Steven will be able to provide you with an up to date price sheet if required and also more information on the abattoir services we offer if desired.

 Below are links for movement & FCI documentation that is legally required and to be completed before bringing your livestock to our site. 

EAML - Pig Movement 

ARAMS - Lamb & Goat Movement 

FSA - Cattle Food Chain Information 


Please note - All the animals we process are stunned prior to slaughter, we do not offer none stun or religious slaughter. 

We currently process stock for farm shops, farmers markets, organic box schemes, individual farmers and also individual stall holders. 

We butcher all of our meat to a high standard ready for delivery to customers.

Our abattoir even featured on the BBC series Kill it Cook It Eat It as an exemplary abattoir here in the UK. Our abattoir also featured on the BBC's Food Inspectors, again as an example of how an abattoir should function in terms of all aspects of it's day to day running, from hygiene to veterinary care.