Autumn Stew & Casserole Box

Mettricks Butchers

As the dark, cold nights come closer, stock up on all the essential cuts to make a range of family favourites such as steak pie, beef bourguignon, beef chilli, lamb curry, chicken & mushroom pie or a cider and apple pork stew. 

Nothing beats coming home to the aroma of a slow cooked Autumn casserole! 

All cuts are individually packed so you can choose some to cook now and put some in the freezer for a later time. 

Fantastic value from your Autumn Stew & Casserole Box, you will receive the following; 
  • 1kg Cut Up Steak
  • 1kg Cut Up Chicken
  • 1kg Cut Up Lamb
  • 1kg Cut Up Mutton
  • 1kg Cut Up Pork
  • 1kg Best Mince (FREE)

    There are a minimum of 30 servings in every Autumn Stew & Casserole Box, making each serving cost just £1.60! 


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