High Peak Spring Lamb Loin Chops

High Peak Lamb

High Peak Lamb loin chops are tender, succulent and delectable, ideal for any occasion. 

Approximately 3-4 chops in every 500g.

You can identify the Spring Lamb with its lighter colour and delicate flavour opposed to the Hogget & Mutton with are both darker colour and have a more robust flavour. 

Suggested Serving size

One chop per person, or 8-10 oz or roughly 225 g per person. 

Basic Cooking Guide

Season and oven bake on a tray for 30 minutes if you prefer your chops pink, or 45 minutes if you prefer your lamb more cooked and the skins crispy. Perfect served with an onion and rosemary sauce, use onions roasted with the chops and the juices from the tray for a rich, sauce flavour. 


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