High Peak Spring Leg of Lamb

High Peak Lamb

Perfect for a special spring Sunday roast, we remove the hip bone from the joint of a full leg of High Peak Lamb to make this delectable roasting joint easily carved.

You can identify the Spring Lamb with its lighter colour and delicate flavour opposed to the Hogget & Mutton with are both darker colour and have a more robust flavour. 

Suggested Serving size

We recommend roughly 8-10 oz or roughly 225g per person. 

Basic Cooking Guide

A rough guide is 25 minutes for every 450g of meat, but it all depends on your oven. A good way to test for doneness is to give the meat a bit of a squeeze with your fingers. If it feels soft, it mean it's rare; if it feels very firm, it's well done. For a 2.7kg joint of lamb we recommend a minimum cooking time of three hours on a low/medium temperature. 


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