Crown of High Peak Lamb


We prepare and arrange 16 lamb chops to form this French trimmed Crown of High Peak lamb, perfect for a special occasion. 

This roasting joint is a show stopper and will make a great centrepiece at any dinner party. 

The meat and fat are trimmed away from the tops of the bones, meaning your crown of Lamb is ready to cook. 

Suggested Serving size

We recommend 2 chops per person and so a sixteen chop crown will serve approximately eight. 

Basic Cooking Guide

A rough guide is 25 minutes for every 450g of meat, but it all depends on your oven. A good way to test for doneness is to give the meat a bit of a squeeze with your fingers. If it feels soft, it mean it's rare; if it feels very firm, it's well done. For a nice rare lamb rack, 25 to 30 minutes is a good guide.


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