Minced Lamb


Minced lamb can make for a refreshing change from our traditional minced beef and can be used in a variety of family favourites. 

Use minced lamb in a Shepherd’s pie or why not try making your own minted lamb burgers?  Even a moussaka which traditionally is lamb based will be perfect made using our high peak minced lamb.

Suggested Serving Size

We suggest roughly 8oz (250g) per person.  

Basic Cooking Guide

We recommend that you cook the minced lamb low and slow in a casserole dish, after initially sealing in a hot pan with onions. Coat in flour and cover with stock and cook at 150C/130C/gas 2 for a minimum of three hours for a tasty succulent dish. Check regularly and stir, ensuring the meat is beautifully tender, succulent and juicy before serving. 



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