Protein Power Chicken Box 10kg


With an impressive 52g of all natural protein per fillet, these premium Dutch chicken breast fillets are a must have for any athlete, or anyone just serious about their training.

Not only are they packed full of protein, which is essential for those wanting to lose fat and build muscle, these fillets are also hand trimmed of all fat making them super lean. An average 225g fillet contains approximately 2.8g of fat and only 0.8g of saturated fat

Each fillet will weigh approximately 200-250g, compare this to the average supermarket fillet at a measly 125g, our fillets are double the size. 

In a 10kg Protein Power Chicken Box, you will receive between 40-50 fillets!

Want less? Order our 5kg Chicken Box for just £30. 

Our  fillets will not shrink when cooked as water has not been added to make them appear bigger, meaning you get more premium meat for your pound.

No added salt as standard.  


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