Wedding Pork Pie - From £140


The ultimate wedding cake for your special day...

We can guarantee your guests will go crazy for our Wedding Pork Pie, even our staff have had them for their weddings over the last few years! 

You can choose a flavour for each tier, or just go for the traditional pork...whatever combination you choose we're sure it will go down an absolute treat. 


Award Winning Pork 

Winner of Britain's Best Pork Pie 2019 at the British pie awards.

When you combine an award winning butcher with locally reared pork, an old family recipe and a passion for baking, the end result is one of the best pork pies money can buy. 

Caramelised Onion 

 A beautiful flavour and one of our best selling specialty pies. The sweet caramelised onion chutney combined with our Award Winning Pork Pie makes an amazing combination

Pork, Apple & Black Pudding 

If you are a fan of our award-winning pork pie, why not try our pork pie combined with our delicious tasting Black Pudding and Apple. 

Our Award Winning Pork Pie combined with Black Pudding and sweet Bramley Apple, these flavours really compliment the free-range pork to give a great tasting pie.


The Huntsman Pie is layered with not only our Award Winning Pork Pie but chicken breast and is topped with a mouth-watering sage and onion stuffing, encased in our amazing hot water pastry. 

Every pie is handmade by our master bakers here in Glossop, using pork processed in our own co-located abattoir


Top Tier 15cm Diameter x 7-8cm Height 

Middle Tier 20cm Diameter x 7-8cm Height 

Bottom Tier 24cm Diameter x 7-8cm Height 

 Suggested Serving Size

50-60 People 

Top Tier- 6-8 Portions

Middle Tier - 16 - 20 Portions

Bottom Tier- 28 to 32 Portions

For any special requests, additions (for example cheese tiers/wedges) or personalisations please contact Caroline

Call 01457 852239 





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