Family Sized Steak Pie

High Peak Beef

Our home-made family size steak pie will be assembled and part baked to order, ensuring the freshest, tastiest pie when you come to finish it off in your oven at home.

We slow cook your pie filling here in Glossop, so all you have to do is cook your pastry!

We use only locally sourced beef which is combined with our master bakers pastry to produce this scrumptious steak pie. 

This pie is large enough for a family to share and would make a perfect addition to any party buffet.

Once you try one, we guarantee you will be back for more! 

Suggested Serving Size

Approx. weight 660g. Will feed 4-6. 

Cooking Guide

See our pie cooking guide for instructions. 

Pies are unbaked (meat filling is already cooked only pastry requires baking)

Pies for local delivery and collection will be unbaked

Pies for national delivery will be sent frozen unbaked. If partially defrosted on arrival you can pop them straight back in your freezer or defrost and cook. 


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