The Mettrick's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Steak


Here at Mettrick's Butchers our award winning chef, David Amesbury, has put together a step-by-step guide to help you choose, cook and serve your steaks so they are perfect every time.

We guarantee that all of our steaks will be of the best quality available in the UK, and rich in flavour thanks to our minimum 28-day traditional ageing process. 

Serving Size  About Cooking Time (Approx. Each Side)*


David's favourite, allow 225-280g (8-10oz)  per person to account for trimming of fat.


Rib-eye has an open-fiber texture and a marbling of fat. David recommends that you cook this steak with the surrounding fat still attached, then remove this after cooking, if preferred. The juices that run from the fat as the steak cooks will help add flavour as well as baste the steak during cooking.

Rare-Medium Rare: 11/2 - 2 1/2 mins Medium: 3 mins; Medium-Well Done: 4mins+ 


A popular choice, allow for 225-280g (8-10oz) per person.

A fine texture and rich marbling gives Mettrick's sirloin steaks a rich flavour and juicy tenderness. We leave a little layer on fat on top and cut them thick so you can cook your steak the way you like it. 

 Rare-Medium Rare: 11/2 - 21/2 mins Medium: 3 mins; Medium-Well Done: 4mins+ 


For a special treat, allow for 225-325g (8-12oz) per person.  

Cut from the very end of the tenderloin, this is the least used muscle and the result is the most tender section of meat. A very delicate cut, low in fat and with a delicate flavour. 

 Rare-Medium Rare: 4-5 mins Medium: 51/2 - 6 mins; Well Done: 7mins+

T-Bone A big steak full of flavour for meat lovers, allow 450g-500g per person, which includes the bone.  If you can’t decide between a fillet and a sirloin then this gives you best of both worlds. This steak has a good marbling of fat. Leaving the fat on for cooking will help baste the steak enhancing the richness of the steak further. Cooking this steak on the bone also adds to the bold & full flavour of this steak.   Rare: 3-4 mins; Medium: 4-5  mins; Medium-Well Done: 5mins+. 
Rump A deliciously sweet, dense cut, allow 225-280g (8-10oz) per person. Round in shape, with some fat left on, rump is a juicy and tender cut with a very dense flavour. It is similar to sirloin, but slightly less tender and so is cheaper than sirloin or fillet.  It is often considered the best steak for flavour, though if you prefer a more tender steak, choose fillet.  Rare-Medium Rare: 11/2 - 2 1/2 mins Medium: 3 mins; Medium-Well Done: 4mins+ 

 *Guideline timings are per side and can vary according to the thickness of the meat and degree of cooking preferred. Timings above are based on steaks that are roughly 1" thick. Thicker steaks will require an extra 1-2 minutes each side.