Countryfile Visits Mettrick's

 Last week we opened our doors to the BBC's Countryfile. 

What quite a lot of people don't know is that unlike many butchers we have our own co located abattoir that supplies our retail shops with locally sourced beef, lamb & pork.

By having a co-located abattoir allows us to keep a short controlled supply chain, complete tractability from farmer to butcher to you, work with local farmers and provide quality meat to our customers from farm to fork.

Nowadays there aren't many left, due to numerous reasons. With the number of small local abattoirs declining rapidly Countryfile decided to pay us a visit to ask John his thoughts on what's happening nationally due to the commercial pressures and what some people would consider over regulation.

Hopefully it to be an interesting watch! Sunday 25th February

BBC 1 6.30pm

Don't miss it! 

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