Recipes / meat

Cottage Pie

This delicious cottage pie is sure to become your family favourite. It's easy to make & is packed with a sweet tomato sauce and tasty beef mince which make a great meal with a creamy mash topper.


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Fennel Seed Sausage Rolls

These tasty Sausage rolls make the perfect canapé for your Christmas or New Years parties, they go especially well with our Pork Sausage Meat.


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Toad in the Hole (with Cumberland Sausages)

A hearty British Classic, perfect with onion gravy & lots of veggies! We recommend using our Cumberland Sausages for that extra bit of flavour.


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Cumin & Onion Marinated Beef

This dish is based on Brazilian beef churrasco, for which pieces of rump steak are turned on a rotisserie with the fat on the outside to keep the meat moist. If you don't fancy using Rump Steak or would like a cheaper alternative, we also recommend using thick pieces of Hanger Steak.


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Mulled Wine Lamb Shoulder

Get into the festive spirit with a full shoulder of lamb in mulled wine or if you're feeding less than 6, try a half shoulder of lamb instead.
Make a meal of it with creamy mash & veggies!
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