Breast of Lamb


A breast of tender and full-flavoured High Peak Lamb, which is ideal for casseroling, stews or cutting into riblets.

An old fashioned cut, breast  of lamb is the equivalent of belly pork.

If early in the Spring season, this can be cut into tasty riblets which can then be marinated with garlic and rosemary for for a beautiful spring dish. 

Alternatively you can roast boiled ribs with a salt and pepper marinade to make salt and pepper Chinese lamb ribs.

If later in the season, the breast can be used in slow cooking to make a lamb stew. 

Suggested Serving Size

We suggest roughly 8oz (225g) per person.

Basic Cooking Guide

Depending on timing in the season, you can either boil first and marinade for beautiful sticky ribs, or slow cook for a minimum of 3 hours at Gas Mark 3/170 if using in a stew. 


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