Boned and Rolled Breast of Lamb 1kg


This lamb joint is made up of the brisket and flank of lamb including the tasty skirt cuts. A real lamb lovers treat, this joint will be sweet and tender if cooked using the right method. 

If you think about it, breast of lamb should really be ticking all the boxes for a foodie on a budget. It's cheap and we offer you the breast already rolled and boneless, taking away hassle and making it perfect for an easy Sunday lunch!

This joint comes with the promise of sweet and tender meat. The fat has been taken out of the leaving behind sweet breast meat only, which is secured in a roll with string. 

Suggested Serving Size

A 1kg joint(approx 2lb) will feed 3-4, we suggest roughly 8oz (250g) per person. Available up to 2.5kg. 

Basic Cooking Guide

We recommend that you cook this joint low and slow, at 150C/130C/gas 2 for a minimum of three hours, checking regularly and basting, ensuring the meat is tender before serving. 



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