Beef Stew with Red wine & Carrots

Level: Easy
Serves: 8
Cook for: 3+ hours
Sunflower oil, for frying
1 1/2kg shin beef
3 tablespoon flour
2 large onions, roughly chopped
600g carrots
4 garlic cloves, crushed
1 large glass of red wine
850ml of beef stock
3 bay leaves
2 thyme sprigs
Mash potatoes (to serve)
  1. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan. Put the beef in a bowl, sprinkle with the flour and seasoning, then mix until well coated.
  2. Fry in batches, adding more oil if necessary, until everything is well browned. Then transfer to a casserole dish.
  3. Add another tablespoon of oil to the pan and stir in the onion and carrots. Cover and gently cook for 10-12 minutes until softened, then remove the lid and cook until just beginning to brown.

  4. Stir in the garlic and cook for 1 minute more. Pour in the wine and stir well, letting it boil up for 1 minute, then pour the whole mixture over the meat.

  5. Add the stock, bay leaves and thyme, bring to a simmer, then cover and gently simmer for 2½ hrs until the meat is very tender. If the sauce looks a bit thin, remove the lid and continue to cook until it thickens.

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