Countryside Alliance Awards 2012 - Champion Butcher

Now in their eighth year, these awards are the Countryside Alliance’s annual celebration of rural produce and skills through small hard-working businesses.

Selected by a small judging panel, the champions for 2012 were decided across five categories with Mettrick's triumphing in the Butcher category.

The criteria for selected butchers included whether animal welfare was a priority, keeping traditional butchery skills alive and if they go the extra mile to support the local farming community.

And if you know Mettrick's, you'll know we stick to all these principles ongoing. 

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  • Gigel says...

    My dad used to live on West End Ave., a couple blokcs from Lincoln Center, and there was a terrific butcher in his neighborhood. He knew just how my dad liked his steaks and always saved him the choicest (or so it seemed to us.) I live in a small town in the midwest now, but I haven’t had the same experience of neighborhood shopping since my dad left Manhattan. Go figure.

    September 19, 2015

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